Outgrown my stuff is looking for bloggers who want to join our eVillage.

join our team...

Have you outgrown your current job?

Simply wish to do something that you love and receive acknowledgement for?

Are looking to make some extra money?

Are you an individual who:

  1. Loves socializing and communication with all types of people about kid related topics.
  2. Has a love for writing about personal experiences or a specific specialization that’s a kid related topic.
  3. Is “in the know” of whats going on in your community that is kid / family related.
  4. Wants to assist the local consumers of local businesses within your community that cater to kids and families.
  5. Is professional, presentable and polite.

If you said “YES” Then we are looking for you!

How To Apply

If you reside in the United States; and want to join our team, then proceed as follows:
Email smile@outgrownmystuff.com
Within your email, please provide the last name, and where you live, town/city,/state in the subject line

In the body of the email, answer the following:
  1. write out what you wish to blog about. If you already have a blog, advise us of your URL. (Regardless of the number of readers, we want to see what you have)
  2. Why you would like to be a community blogger for Outgrown My Stuff.

Job description :


Blogging your opinion based on first-hand information and experiences. The length of your blog and frequency will be determined on an individual basis.

Our Process

We are a start-up and our goal is to grow at a sustainable pace. If you don't hear from us now, don't worry, we will not forget you. We simply need to grow, to create more opportunities for people like you.

* Disclaimer: Outgrown My stuff will undertake a series of diligent background checks to affirm the creditability and character of applicants. If any information is presented within your application that is deemed to be false in any capacity; your application will be nullified.