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Teachers Havent Changed – Parents Have

I have witnessed the interactions between students with their teachers and students with their parents and how parents are now interacting with educators – and it’s a seismic shift.

I reflect back to the days when I was attending elementary school, (early 1980’s) when the norm was playing dodge-ball, messing around with first generation Macs; and back then whatever the teacher said was taken as gospel…literally.


This was reaffirmed at parent-teacher meetings; my mom would sit and listen without interrupting, allowing the teacher to state every positive and negative aspect in my ability to learn., including how I would get so excited about knowing the answer, that I would simply blurt it out.

This was reaffirmed at parent-teacher meetings; my mom would sit and listen without interrupting, allowing the teacher to state every positive and negative aspect in my ability to learn., including how I would get so excited about knowing the answer, that I would simply blurt it out.

After the parent-teacher meeting my mom would simply say “stop interrupting class, I don’t care if you know the answer, you MUST put up your hand..” she wouldn’t even acknowledge nor entertain my side, she did not care what I had to say – the teacher had spoken, that was it.

Now in 2016, it is not unusual for a teacher to be confronted by a parent, and the parent is expecting an explanation of the conduct in the classroom, and are shocked when the teacher informs the parent or guardian on behavioral issues. “Oh no, my daughter would never say that…” or “..my son told me that you yelled at the class to be quiet..” Now the teacher must explain to the parent, “…of course, I used a stern tone -they were acting wild including your daughter…” and then the parent states “…well my daughter never causes issues, and that frightened her….” And reports the teacher to the administration.

I reside in a community that has more than a handful of educators on one street, one of the teachers, who radiates happiness, patience and tolerance had a student in her class misbehave, not pay attention and constantly distract others, then the student would approach the teacher and ask “what are we doing…” the teacher developed a method to help the student learn about the value of listening.
The teacher provided the student with three popsicle sticks, each time the student needed to approach the teacher (after the teacher explained the activity) to ask a question on what they are doing; the student would have to give one popsicle stick.

The teacher explained an exercise and the student wasn’t paying attention, so she approached the teacher and asked: “what do we do….” The teacher replies, “…are you sure you want to use a popsicle stick for this question because the steps are right there on the whiteboard.” The student said no, and scurried off and tended to her task, knowing the value of her questions.

The next day, the teacher explains a new activity to the entire class, the student again is not paying attention (this child does not have any learning disabilities or cogitative delay, or any impairment) after the teacher advises the class on the tasks, the student approaches the teacher and asks “….umm what are we doing…” the teacher replies “we are doing this…… and that will be one popsicle stick..” the student replies, they are in the garbage; my mom and dad said that I don’t need to be doing that.

My jaw dropped when I was listening to this event, and I am still startled, this teacher not only was teaching the student on the value of listening, thinking about what questions should be asked and so many other skills that are needed for success.

Once a child attends school full-time, the educators are the individuals that spend the most time with your children. Teachers are installed with the duty to provide your child with an education and guide them to learn more; with an objective of the child becoming a positive influence in our society.

I am aware that the odds of having a mediocre teacher are high, yet you should instill your confidence in them. You enable confidence in other professionals, including doctors. Have you ever asked your doctor to see their university transcript on classes they passed and failed… heck you might have a C- doctor, but you still go to them, and the reason is justifiable -you trust them, you must do this with your child’s teacher.

As a father of three elementary school children and a postsecondary lecturer that is married to an elementary school teacher and a brother to a Professor of Education, in my opinion, if you want leaders, allow your children to be lead on a proper path for success. Help teachers, help you, help our children and let’s build a prosperous future – support them.


FINANCE – Cost of Living in 2016 as a Middle-Class Family

One of the major question’s that comes to mind when planning to have children is -How much does it cost to raise a child today?
Schoolchildren embracing happy. Multi cultural racial classroom.
This is a not a simple question as it is layered with lots of variances, how many children, who is working, where do you live, do you rent, what type of employment do you have, do you have a mortgage, do you include vacations, childcare, do you have student debt…and the list can literally go on and on for pages and pages.

In 2014 CNN Money stated “To raise a child born in 2013 to the age of 18, it will cost a middle-income couple just over $245,000, according to newly released estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s up $4,260, or almost 2%, from the year before.”

The reaction of this was captured by Philadelphia CBS, interviewing new parents that had twins “…. “I was just knocking my head against the doctor’s office like, ‘oh no.’ And it’s the worst thing to feel, because it’s like awesome having kids, two kids, but it’s also horrible to think the first thing I can think about is money.”

The 2014 online consensus from various credible resources affirm that it DID cost 245K plus college and other aspect to raise a child in the United States.
-OMS Researcher SC.

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