The body of a 2017 dad (of children under 9)

Many of you fathers may have made a pledge to lose some of that extra weight around the belly, and to do that you will have to commit to one or all of the following:

#1.  Try and cut back on your drinking

Obstacle:, umm are you kidding, maybe not having any hard liquor during the week but after a long day at work, or taking care of the kids all day – you deserve a drink, isn’t that why we see so many Wife/Mommy Wine  some Ads on Facebook….


Try to cut back to 1oz a day of hard liquor, or only have a beer every second day or hold off until the weekend and trust me -your drinks will taste better!

#2.  Start exercising

Obstacle:  Yeah because that is so easy,. After coming home from work, you most likely have to tend to the duties around the house, tossing the garbage, help cook dinner, fix whatever is broken, and if you don’t spend time with the kids, you are a neglectful dad; and if you do attempt to exercise your 2 year daughter will be joining you, and not as a spotter.


Don’t start exercising, simply make everyday tasks more strenuous on your body.

Park at a farther spot at the grocery store and carry all of your groceries to the car; yes I do understand that you will not be able to carry 10bags at a time, that’s when you ask customer service to watch your cart while you load your car.

Take the stairs, if you have a lot of stuff to carry, become a Sherpa and haul it up.

Get off of the desk and onto the counter top, this will allow you to do some calve raises while typing, standup desks are a great DIY project.

If possible try riding your bicycle to work, ( I did this in the summer and, wow, I avoided traffic jams and it was peaceful, as everyone understood that I really couldn’t take their call.

#3.  Eat better

Obstacles:. Well, if your like me, you are the designated garburator, you eat what you can, when you can, and as much as you can, because you don’t know when your going to eat again -Kinda like college 😉


Find out, what your ideal caloric intake is for your age, weight and height.  Then make one massive meal for the day and place it in Tupperware and grind at it all day.

I did this while I was working as an iron worker, and doing other hard labor and it was easy. Now with all the kids in the house, I have my Tupperware in the fridge for the day and I eat portions of it little-by-little throughout.

#4.  Have more sex.

Obstacles: Your partner isn’t in the mood, or is like mine and sleeps earlier than our 2-year-old.

Solution: Ask your GP for a note that states you need to have sex to stabilize your health, you will be surprised as your doctor will most likely write it, now you can provide reasoning that its for your health…. heck its worth a try

Dads, it is socially acceptable to have a belly, in a majority of countries, it signifies wealth and status. Regardless, your primary focus should be caring for your family, and not living in the gym, and people should understand that. If you can give your children a piggy-back and toss the ball with them, then you should be happy.